Boxes for Bottles Wholesale

Transporting beverages in glass or clay containers can be a complex and costly process for manufacturing companies as well as HoReCa businesses. The fragility of glass packaging used for bottling beverages is the main challenge.

However, there are no unsolvable problems – the market offers a variety of wholesale bottle wrap options. They provide reliable pack, making transportation and storage safer and more efficient.

The most common option is plastic crates, but they come with several drawbacks that cardboard bundle more than compensates for:

  • Relative lightweight construction due to material properties.
  • Ability to manufacture non-standard shapes and sizes: In most cases, plastic and wooden crates have fixed sizes dictated by molding/stamping matrices.
  • Lower cost: Producing cardboard bundles is at least twice as cost-effective as using plastic.
  • Eco-friendly: After its useful life, cardboard crate can be fully recycled.
  • Shock-absorbing inserts: Most cardboard package options come with built-in damping inserts to protect products from tipping over.

Advantages of buying wine cases wholesale

Коробки для бутылок оптом

  • Reliable Protection: Bottle boxes provide a sturdy and reliable container that prevents damage during transportation or storage. This assures the safety of your products and minimizes losses.
  • Optimal Sizes: Wholesale wine boxes come in various sizes, including a pre-designed pack for 6. This allows you to select the best for your product, saving on materials and reducing costs. Cardboard container for 6 flasks measuring (standard 250×169×287) have convenient handles, facilitating carrying and pallet stacking. Such wrapping streamlines logistical processes and saves time during loading and unloading.
  • Time and Cost Savings: Using ready-made wholesale bottle bundle saves time and money. You won't need to engage in DIY box-making or purchase separate materials. Ready-made package already have optimal sizes and special compartments for bottles, simplifying the wrapping process and ensuring reliable protection.

Most commonly, two types of pack are found on the market:

  • Single demijohn transportation boxes: This type is designed to accommodate specific shapes and sizes. They provide additional protection and stability, preventing accidental damage during transit. Typically, such boxes are associated with medium and high-end products.
  • Cardboard boxes for four to six: This popular option is specifically designed for transporting multiple pitcher at once. They are usually made from sturdy brown cardboard and have optimal sizes suitable for standard packaging. However, a custom-made pack from different types of heavy paper, featuring logos, prints, and other customization options, can be manufactured upon request.

How to choose?

Коробки для бутылок оптом

  • Material Quality: Ensure that the boxes are made from quality cardboard that won't tear under the weight of the contents. Such material provides good protection against impacts and collisions during transportation. Some types of heavy paper are practically as durable as plastic.
  • Size and Capacity: When selecting wholesale bottle boxes, consider the dimensions of the items you plan to transport or store. Pay attention to how many each pack can hold and its internal dimensions.
  • Presence of Shock-Absorbing Materials: bundle should be made from materials that can absorb shocks and vibrations. This helps protect the contents from damage during transportation.
  • Wholesale Ordering: If you need a large quantity of pitcher crates, contact the manufacturer for a wholesale order. This can save you money and ensure timely supply of materials.

Why us?

We have been producing high-quality cardboard many years and offer it at an affordable cost. We understand the crucial role that pack plays for customers.

In Conclusion

Bottle boxes are an essential element in beverage production and sales. They provide reliable covering and protection during transportation and storage. Crate for 6 bottles offer an optimal choice for cost-effective, allowing savings on materials and streamlining logistical processes.

If you're involved in selling wine, beer, or other beverages, purchasing a safe transportation bundle is a must-have. Choose the optimal sizes and types of wrappers based on your product and business needs. Reliable wrap ensures the safety of your products and satisfied customers.

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What types of cardboard boxes do you manufacture?
We produce various types of cardboard boxes – rectangular, cubes, postal, large format, round hat boxes, and more. We can also customize boxes according to specific customer needs.
Do you produce self-assembled boxes?
No, we do not manufacture self-assembled boxes. However, we can offer a wide range of ready-made and assembled packaging solutions.
What sizes of cardboard boxes are available?
We can manufacture cardboard boxes in various sizes – from small ones for small items to large boxes for bulky goods.
Can you print a logo or other information on cardboard boxes?
Yes, we can print a logo, company name, any artwork, or other information on the boxes. We use silk screen, offset, or digital printing (depending on the request) to ensure high-quality printing on our products.
What materials do you use?
We use a variety of laminated and craft cardboard, natural and partially synthetic fabrics, and various decorative elements. The box itself is made from environmentally friendly raw materials. We can add additional materials or accessories, depending on your needs, such as handles, foam or cardboard inserts, windows, plastic holders, and more.
What is the minimum order quantity?
We understand that personal and business needs can vary, so we try to accommodate even small orders. Typically, the minimum quantity depends on the size and complexity of the product, and we are willing to discuss this on an individual basis.
Can you provide a sample box for our order?
Before manufacturing a full batch, we can offer to create a sample box for you to finalize all the details of the final product. You will need to pay for the sample box, and its cost will be the same as for manufacturing a single box. However, if you proceed with a production order after approving the sample, and return the sample in the same condition it was received, we will refund its cost. We produce boxes from a single unit upwards. If you only need one box, we will produce it as a separate order, not as a sample. If you want to ensure the quality of our products, you can visit our office and view samples of our products there. You can also discuss all the details with a manager, finalize materials and design, and place your order.
Can you produce 100 boxes in two to three days, and what does the production time depend on?
If you have an urgent order, we can expedite it, but you need to inform us by phone or email and coordinate it with our managers. If it's technically possible, we can produce your boxes within three days after approval. Please note that the standard production time is 10-14 working days after approval. This period depends on the quantity of boxes, their size, complexity, additional work required, and other factors. We usually provide a more precise estimate of production time when discussing the details of your order. We are always ready to help and provide guidance if any difficulties arise with your order. It's important to remember that an order is considered approved only after all print layouts, box sizes are finalized, and a prepayment is made.
I want to make a bank transfer for the order payment. What documents will you provide?
If you are paying for the order on behalf of a legal entity, you will need to provide us with the registration details of the future payer, and we will send you an invoice without VAT along with a shipping invoice. In turn, we will also provide you with documents related to the person who will be billed.
Is delivery to another city possible? What are the delivery times, minimum order, and transportation cost?
Yes, we work all over Ukraine. Our company is based in Kyiv, but we offer delivery through postal services such as “Nova Poshta” or “In Time”. The cost of transportation is not included in the price of the boxes and depends on the current rates of the chosen carrier. Boxes are packaged in film and corrugated cardboard to ensure maximum protection during transportation. Typically, delivery to major cities takes one day, while to small and medium-sized cities, it can take up to five days.
We can ship your order even if it consists of only one box, and the delivery cost will correspond to the courier service rates. On average, the cost of transporting one small box is 80 UAH, and for larger orders, it can be up to 2000 UAH. For large orders, we offer a special loyalty system. Don't worry; we will find the most convenient and affordable way to transport your beautiful boxes to you on time and at a reasonable cost!