Silk screen printing

Silk screen printing: The art of precision in every detail

There are numerous methods that allow designs and ideas to come to life on various surfaces. However, among them, there is a special technique that stands out for its universality, reliability, and quality: silk screen printing. In this article, we will explore the features of this technology, its applications to different materials, and the possibilities of ordering it to bring your creative visions to life.


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Print on promotional materials: Express your style 

Silk screen printing is the perfect way to convey your uniqueness on promotional materials. Whether you need business cards, flyers, letterheads, or notebooks, this stamp method guarantees brightness and clarity in every detail. Your business will stand out among competitors with a distinct design and high-quality hard copy.

Print on clothing: Individuality in detail 

T-shirts, eco-friendly bags, sweatshirts, and promotional apparel — all of these can be transformed into true works of art through hard copy. Express your style, brand, or idea on clothing, making each element unique and memorable. This method ensures vibrant colors, durability of the design, and comfort when worn.

Stamp on food packaging: Create appetizing visuals 

In the world of fast food and food delivery, having attractive and informative packaging is crucial. This method allows for original and vibrant designs on pizza boxes, fast food packaging, and other packaging materials. Using solvent inks, we create images that stimulate appetite and capture customers' attention.

On cardboard and fabric for patterns: From idea to finished product 

The unique feature of this technology is the ability to apply designs to various surfaces, including cardboard and fabric. Transferring patterns onto such materials offers vast creative possibilities. From small elements to A2 format, there are no limits to your imagination.

Print runs and orders: From minimum to infinite 

With a minimum production run of just 50 pieces, silk screen printing becomes accessible even for small-scale production. It's an ideal solution for events, gifts, or initial samples of mass-produced items. However, don't limit your creativity; this technology suits orders of any volume, ensuring high quality and vibrancy even for large print runs.

Make your design memorable In the world of design and advertising, details play a decisive role. Silk screen printing is your key to creating unique visuals on various surfaces. Let your ideas become vivid realities with the help of this exceptional method. Reach out to us and receive a product that will leave a lasting impression!

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Vladyslava Yarmoshenko

Very satisfied with the box. The quality is wonderful, the picture is also good, everything is of high quality! They did it very quickly, for which I am extremely grateful! I will apply again! Everything is great!

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Natalie Glyanenko

Thank you very much!!!❤️ Сdid everything in the best way, helped out a lot and suggested the best way☺️ There will be a reason, I will definitely apply again! The best!☺️

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What types of cardboard boxes do you manufacture?
We produce various types of cardboard boxes – rectangular, cubes, postal, large format, round hat boxes, and more. We can also customize boxes according to specific customer needs.
Do you produce self-assembled boxes?
No, we do not manufacture self-assembled boxes. However, we can offer a wide range of ready-made and assembled packaging solutions.
What sizes of cardboard boxes are available?
We can manufacture cardboard boxes in various sizes – from small ones for small items to large boxes for bulky goods.
Can you print a logo or other information on cardboard boxes?
Yes, we can print a logo, company name, any artwork, or other information on the boxes. We use silk screen, offset, or digital printing (depending on the request) to ensure high-quality printing on our products.
What materials do you use?
We use a variety of laminated and craft cardboard, natural and partially synthetic fabrics, and various decorative elements. The box itself is made from environmentally friendly raw materials. We can add additional materials or accessories, depending on your needs, such as handles, foam or cardboard inserts, windows, plastic holders, and more.
What is the minimum order quantity?
We understand that personal and business needs can vary, so we try to accommodate even small orders. Typically, the minimum quantity depends on the size and complexity of the product, and we are willing to discuss this on an individual basis.
Is it possible to make a sample box for our order?
Our company produces packaging starting from 50 pieces, however, if needed, we can offer to produce a sample box in a single copy. The cost of such a sample is calculated individually and is slightly higher than for production batches due to technological aspects. The sample box is non-refundable and is not considered in serial production. Please, take this into account.
Once all details of the final product are agreed upon, we can start production of the required quantity of boxes.
If you want to ensure the quality of our products, you are welcome to visit our office and inspect ready samples of our products. Additionally, here you can immediately discuss all details with a manager – agree on materials, design, and directly place the order.
Can you produce 100 boxes in two to three days, and what does the production time depend on?
If you have an urgent order, we can expedite it, but you need to inform us by phone or email and coordinate it with our managers. If it's technically possible, we can produce your boxes within three days after approval. Please note that the standard production time is 10-14 working days after approval. This period depends on the quantity of boxes, their size, complexity, additional work required, and other factors. We usually provide a more precise estimate of production time when discussing the details of your order. We are always ready to help and provide guidance if any difficulties arise with your order. It's important to remember that an order is considered approved only after all print layouts, box sizes are finalized, and a prepayment is made.
I want to make a bank transfer for the order payment. What documents will you provide?
If you are paying for the order on behalf of a legal entity, you will need to provide us with the registration details of the future payer, and we will send you an invoice without VAT along with a shipping invoice. In turn, we will also provide you with documents related to the person who will be billed.
Is delivery to another city possible? What are the delivery times, minimum order, and transportation cost?
Yes, we work all over Ukraine. Our company is based in Kyiv, but we offer delivery through postal services such as “Nova Poshta” or “In Time”. The cost of transportation is not included in the price of the boxes and depends on the current rates of the chosen carrier. Boxes are packaged in film and corrugated cardboard to ensure maximum protection during transportation. Typically, delivery to major cities takes one day, while to small and medium-sized cities, it can take up to five days.
We can ship your order even if it consists of only one box, and the delivery cost will correspond to the courier service rates. On average, the cost of transporting one small box is 80 UAH, and for larger orders, it can be up to 2000 UAH. For large orders, we offer a special loyalty system. Don't worry; we will find the most convenient and affordable way to transport your beautiful boxes to you on time and at a reasonable cost!